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Posted by on Jan 14, 2012

FASILKOM meraih Sertifikat ISO 9001:2008

Congratulations : Faculty of Computer Science Sriwijaya-UniversityDelta Pas International herewith certifies that the company named below has a Management System which meets the requirements of the normative base specified.


Palembang-Prabumulih, Indralaya – Ogan Ilir 30662
South Sumatra – Indonesia

The Normative Base
ISO 9001:2008

For the following activities

Providing and Managing Educational Service for Undergraduate Program in Computer Science

Audit process conducted by Prof. Dr. Ir. Sri Raharjo, M.Sc (as a Leader), Dra. Ratna Ardiyanti, MM, Dr. Ir. Sarifah Nurjanah, M.AppSc, and Ade Prasetyo, S.Pd

Issue date December 27, 2011

Audit Report No: DPI-1025